How to assemble the Nomadic Dream Tile Mats

Step 1: Remove packaging and discard plastic covering. 

Step 2: The double edged tiles are used for the corners and single edged tiles are used for the centre tiles.

Step 3: Match the tiles so that the pattern flows. 


There are 6 pieces that will connect to form a mat with a flowing pattern. 


How to assemble a 12 tile mat

Step 1: Setup 2 x 6 tile mat sets

Step 2: Line up the mats with patterns matching

Step 3: Remove the centre edge pieces as well as the top and bottom edge pieces that have the corner section.

Step 4: Connect the 2 mats and use edging from the centre to complete the top and bottom edge pieces. 

*There will be a slight mis-alignment of the pattern on the join and the edge pieces will also have a slight mis-match.