Animals / Flamingo Play Mat


This playful – colourful folding mat is large in size and portrays a variety of different animals. A bicycle riding elephant and tall giraffe are great for enticing the imagination.

The Reverse Side:  A turquoise background and elegant flamingos are sure to intrigue those inquisitive minds.

Play Mat Dimensions : Approximately 200cm x 180cm x 1.3cm thick


• The soft safe surface promotes milestones like tummy time, crawling and beyond
• Non-Toxic and light weight
• Waterproof
• Double-sided designs gives you the choice of 2 different designs


• Folds and stacks up in seconds
• Wipes clean with a damp cloth
• Noise and shock absorbing
• Provides insulation from cold floors

We don’t want to disappoint. Therefore we would like to inform you of the following:
• The mat is made from soft XPE foam which allows for cushioning however this does mean the mat can puncture from sharp objects, heavy pressure and pet claws.
• Animal claws can puncture the surface of the play mat
• Sharp objects and furniture will cause damage and indentations

• Rough play with pressure on the mat could cause it to tear
• Play mat could change in colour over time due to sunlight exposure (indirect sunlight could cause this.)