Our story

Play in style with tayla jean


Who we are are

Tayla Jean is a brand born in South Africa, the vision for beautiful and practical mats came to light when we moved into our new home. We wanted a play mat that was both stylish and practical and complimented the surround areas.

Our founder, Nicole, started searching the globe and created her our own designs that she launched. Tayla Jean play mats is the original luxury play mat company in South Africa. We have sold many play mats over the years and love seeing all the happy families enjoying their mats.
The name Tayla Jean is my daughter’s name, she was born in 2016 and even though the brand was established in 2018 we thought it apt to keep it to her birth year. She is the true inspiration behind it and characterises the beauty, practically, entertainment and sophistication portrayed by the brand. In 2019 we welcomed James William into the world and we launched The Jamesy Collection.

As we follow the journey of our customers we add and adapt our range of play mats to ensure that we always provide our customers with the best quality, service and designs in the industry.